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VA Fundamentals Training Curriculum

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Indecomm Mortgage Learning's VA Fundamentals curriculum covers the basics of the VA home loan program. Made up of six eLearning modules, the curriculum examines the requirements necessary to originate, process and underwrite a compliant VA home loan. Course modules include:

  • VA Eligibility, Closing Costs, and Funding Fee
  • VA Refinances
  • VA Appraisals
  • VA Underwriting
  • VA Forms
  • Final Exam

Indecomm's eLearning course curriculum consists of self-paced, self-study courses that you can complete on your own time and schedule from any computer with an internet connection.

You have 12 months from the date of registration to complete the series. It will take approximately 6 hours to complete the coursework plus the final exam.

Upon successful completion of the final exam, you will receive a certificate of completion for the curriculum.