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IncomeGenius Retail - 25 Units

Sell Price     $ 899.00

IncomeGenius® Retail
25 Units

IncomeGenius® is a web-based, role-based tool that automates the process of calculating self-employed income from tax returns.
IncomeGenius® Retail is perfect for Loan Originators and Processors who want confidence in accurate income calculations without an underwriter.Purchase the package that meets your self-employed borrower needs. The IncomeGenius® Retail package is available for 8, 15, or 25 units. You can purchase additional packages as you need them. 
With IncomeGenius® Retail, you will: 
  • Save time while increasing accuracy 
  • Never shy away from an application when you have easier, faster calculations for self-employed borrowers
  • Decrease risk for things like fair lending audits and calculation errors
  • Learn to think like an underwriter with alert messaging and best practice tips
  • Gain instant access to user training videos and a Quick Start Guide (free, live online training is available twice monthly, too!)
  • Receive your IncomeGenius® credentials within 2 business days of purchase
  • 8 units: $299
  • 15 units:  $549
  • 25 units: $899


Once you place your online order, you will receive immediate access to the video training and QuickStart Guide. You will receive your credentials via email within 2 business days of your order. If you have any questions, email

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